ROFL Zone Details a Clever Way to Hide Smoking

By: Ryan Fowler - May 26, 2013
References: scribol & roflzone
If you have to hide smoking it probably means that you should not do it, but nevertheless this creation presented by ROFL Zone to hide smoking is rather ingenious. An old iPod has been gutted of all of its internal parts and happens to fit a half of a dozen cigarettes to effectively hide smoking. Although this is a clever way to keep secrets from your parents, friends or a significant other, honesty is usually your best bet. This effective easy to make case is only a temporary solution, and you will most likely get caught eventually.

The design is simple: the hollowed iPod casing clicks back together with ease and you have the perfect way to hide your terrible secrets and dirty habits. Mind you, the iPod will no longer be functional as a music playing device, it will only serve as an espionage tool against your parents or anyone else you are trying to fool. If you are crafty enough to create a case like this you should put your talents to better use and go to school or invent something incredible.