Griss Equine Veterinary Practice is Located in an Austrian Field

By: Joey Haar - Dec 29, 2016
References: marte-marte & archdaily
Griss Equine Veterinary Practice doesn't look like what one would expect from the office of a veterinarian who works on horses. Rather than a typical gabled barn design, Griss Equine Veterinary Practice adopt a distinctly brutalist architecture, which is truly surreal in appearance compared to the surrounding animals and environment.

Griss Equine Veterinary Practice is located in Rankweil, Austria, a small village at the end of the Rhine Valley. Though the building would look at home in the heart of a city, it is placed in the middle of an expansive lea. Already, such a setting coupled with a brutalist structure seems odd. Add in the equine clientele, however, and the entire gestalt is one that could have been dreamed up in a postmodern art film.