A New Google Glass App Makes Intimate Relations All Inclusive

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jan 30, 2014 • References: glassandsex and refinery29
Sex With Glass is an all-new Google Glass app that aims to change your life forever. It will completely transform intimacy between partners, simply uttering "Ok Glass, it's time!" and you will be given a live stream video from your partner's device, enabling you to see what goes down from their point of view.

The video can be recorded and saved, through it will self-destruct, similar to Snapchat, in five hours. Another handy feature provided by the device is a setting that controls the lights and music if your home is particularly tech-savvy, and some Kama Sutra inspiration to get you in the mood.

The app could be beneficial for couples looking to spice up their relationships or to simply get some new ideas and keep your libido fresh.