These Paper Animal Head Trophy Kits are Exotic and Modern

By: Michael Hemsworth - May 13, 2016
References: & dudeiwantthat
Created by Resident Design Co., these Paper Animal Head Trophy Kit offer a way to incorporate game trophies into a space without having to hurt an animal.

Coming in ten different design options, the Paper Animal Head Trophy Kits are geometrical in aesthetic and are ultra-modern in design. Ranging in cost from about $10 to $75, the kits come in such styles as Ken the Walrus, Red the Dragon, Tim the Mammoth and many more.

The Paper Animal Head Trophy Kit game trophies come with everything necessary in order for the recipient to DIY the final product. They vary in complexity and design, but users can expect to spend up to 12-hours creating them given the complex geometric nature of them. However, it will be time well spent given the amazing aesthetic they can create.