Gallon Smashing is the New Viral Sensation

By: Rachael Pratt - Published: Mar 10, 2013 • References: youtube
Gallon smashing is the YouTube sensation said to soon be replacing the Harlem Shake in popularity.

Starting in the UK, the idea involves purposefully smashing gallons/jugs of juice or milk in a grocery store, then acting hurt in order to avoid getting in trouble. Some of the smashing moves in this video make for hilarious entertainment value, however there has been some outcry about the legality of these videos.

Although these videos may be likely to gain as much popularity as Harlem Shake videos, it is unlikely that there will be as many people reproducing their own videos, because let's face it, falling down hurts.

Basically the concept of these videos just doesn't have the same potential for reproduction that the Harlem Shake videos do.