The FT How To Spend It Ornate Expectations editorial showcases opulent adornments.

Starring models Nina Porter, Louisa Facchino-Stack, Edda Oscars, Elenor Hayes and Sam Rollinson, this editorial creates a remarkably baroque approach to fall fashion. Styled by Damian Foxe, this fashion spread showcases elaborate garments that are wearable works of art by Dolce & Gabbana, Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood Gold Label. The couture pieces go well with the ornate vintage furniture that gives this piece a distinctly vintage feel.

The FT How To Spend It Ornate Expectations spread was captured by the phenomenal photographer Andrew Yee who connects with each model to evoke a romantically emotive feel. Perhaps the most enticing aspect of this editorial are the remarkable garments that feature laborious embellishment and tell the tale of unabashed decadent luxury.