As a retrospective throwback to the days of blue-screens and MS-DOS, Floppy Disk Coasters by Vectorcloud are a novel way to embrace one's inner geek while protecting a table from glass ring marks.

Made out of engraved birch ply, the old-school techcessory has the look and feel of those thin disks that were, at one time, the be-all and end-all in file storage.

The table-protectors come in sets of four and run at about $40 a set. Each disk is customizable and a personalized message can be inscribed onto each one of the set in a red font.

Floppy Disk Coasters by Vectorcloud are a fun and quirky alternative to the traditional table protector. For the more frugal consumer, however, copying this idea is a practical way to make use of the stack of outdated computer accessories lying around the house.