KFC's Newest Dish is Inspired by the Regional Flavors of Georgia

By: Katherine Pendrill - Aug 3, 2016
References: prnewswire & newsroom.kelloggs
In an effort to replicate the success of its Nashville Hot Chicken, KFC is introducing a new regional creation that is inspired by the flavors of Georgia and South Carolina. Similar to the chain's Tennessee-themed creation, the dish gives consumers a whole new way to enjoy the chain's famous fried chicken.

The new Georgia Gold Honey Mustard BBQ Chicken is a regional dish inspired by the flavors of Georgia and South Carolina. While North Carolina is known its distinct vinegar-based BBQ, the new Georgia Gold sauce boasts the sweet and tangy taste of honey mustard. As KFC's chief marketing officer Kevin Hochman explains, "The crispy and tangy flavor profile of Georgia Gold is like a grown-up honey mustard – sweet with attitude."

KFC's new fried chicken dish demonstrates the growing demand for new food products that appeal to regional taste preferences.