Feng Zhu Encourages You to Serve the Empire With Sexy Stormtroopers

By: Michael Hines - Apr 1, 2010
References: fengzhudesign & theswedishbed.wordpress
Cheese and crackers, Feng Zhu has made it really hard to stay focused right now. Feng Zhu has combined two of my favorite things in life--beautiful women and Star Wars--into one awesome poster series.

I’d gladly tell Luke Skywalker to #### off if these ladies were the face of the Empire. I’d love to shoot some pesky Ewoks if I could have one of these bombshells by my side. Feng Zhu’s posters could have turned the tide of the Galatic Civil War.

The fact that I love these posters so much and that I know the name of the war in the Star Wars series confirms my nerdiness. Damn you, Feng Zhu, for outing me.