Some Fast Food Confessions are Truly Horrifying

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Apr 18, 2014 • References: youtube and buzzfeed
Some fast food confessions can be pretty revealing as proved by BuzzFeed's latest short called '14 Horrifying Confessions From Fast Food Workers.' For many, nothing beats the taste of fast food, and similarly, nothing beats the stories that come from these franchise experiences as well.

Tell-all app 'Whisper' allows users to reveal their deepest, darkest secrets to a database anonymously, uncovering some truly unexpected facts about workers in fast food chains. These include fired employees that keep returning to work until their managers stop noticing, or managers that make their employees cook food off the floor.

Though some truths aren't as shocking, each revelation ultimately provides a pretty hilarious and hidden honesty that we otherwise wouldn't have known, and perhaps there's a lesson or two to be learned.