Madonna & Whitney Houston in the Same D&G Dress on Same Night

By: Urban Delice - Aug 3, 2009
References: dailymail
When it comes to celebrity publicity stunts, PR people sometimes lack ideas. We’ve seen them all: getting arrested, drug abuse, partying, alcohol, sex scandals, divorces…

What came to my attention could be a very inspired tactic for promoting celebrities. On the same night last month, Madonna and Whitney Houston wore the same D&G dress at different public events!

Sometimes these fashion faux-pas were just mere accidents made by stylists, but this time it’s different. Both divas had a strong need for publicity and gossip exposure: Madonna just adopted an African orphan into her family and Whitney Houston just got her formerly glam self out of rehab after years of drug abuse.

If this is a smart PR move (I hope it is), it surely got my attention! If not, I would fire their stylists!