A Rose Water Face Mist Keeps Your Skin Fresh

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jan 7, 2014 • References: leaf and leaf
A Rose water face mist is a super-nutrient for the skin with benefits that range from gentle hydration to astringent and anti-inflammatory properties. The scent of roses is a powerful mood enhancer, so spraying yourself with this easy DIY face mist will have you feeling fresh and vibrant all day long.

You'll need half a cup of distilled water, ten drops of rose essential oil, one teaspoon of avocado oil and a spray bottle of your choice. You can increase the quantities of each ingredient to make yourself a bigger batch for those unexpected rainy days.

Rose water is an ingredient used in many skincare products and may even aid in toning acne and skin irritation as well. In conjunction with a healthy face mist, make sure to wash your face with a light cleaner every day.