The L'uomo Eyebrow Coloring for Men Enhances Facial Features

By: Michael Hemsworth - Mar 26, 2016
References: japantrendshop
The market for men's cosmetics is showing direct signs of increasing, so the L'uomo Eyebrow Coloring for Men comes as a natural progression. Packed with natural dyes that allow men to even out the tone of their brows, the product originates in Japan and comes in two color options including ash brown or natural brown.

The easy to use application style consists of a wand and a tube of product, which is blended in easily to the brow for temporary results. When it comes time to remove it, the L'uomo Eyebrow Coloring for Men comes off with soap and water. However, the product is specially formulated to fight facial oil and sweat to prevent it from coming off during the day.