Etsy Shop 'Amourose' Looks to Make Ladies Look Great & Feel Lucky

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Aug 5, 2013 • References: etsy
Evil eyes have been around for centuries and exist in many cultures as luck-inducing shields against bad omens. Etsy shop 'Amourose' carries evil eyes and other lucky symbols into the twenty-first century. Amourose's designs combine colourful and dainty beads with crosses, evil eyes, peace signs and other lucky and feel-good charms.

The Hamsa bracelet is a perfect example of the shop's essence; the hand of Fatima (a popular symbol in Middle Eastern cultures and religions) is refashioned to modern tastes. The Hamsa Bracelet is a refreshing infusion of Mediterranean and North American aesthetic with bright, colourful beads and is definitely a marketable product for summer fashion.

The shop's overall aesthetic is delicate and feminine and simply classic.