Massive complete collection available for one crazy fan

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Dec 11, 2012
References: ebay & escapistmagazine
We all have that friend who's just a little bit too into their retro games. As Christmas rolls around, the perfect gift for that fan has appeared on eBay, provided you have $24,999 to spare.

An Ohio fan has managed to assemble a complete collection of every single game released in North America for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, and has put the entire collection up for sale. The collection of 721 games comes complete with their boxes, (though he notes "Mario-All Stars+World, Super Scope 6, and Miracle Piano did not have individual game boxes"), most of the manuals, and a guarantee that they've all been tested for functionality.

This is the kind of purchase none of us would dare make, yet we all want to stick around and see just who's rich and insane enough to pay the price.

Implications - People are insane enough to drop 25 grand on video games. That ought to say something right there.