Filmmaker Randy Moore Shoots a Movie Under Disney’s Nose

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Jan 26, 2013
References: theverge & petapixel
Filmmaker Randy Moore’s Escape from Tomorrow, is an indie film with a strange twist: it was filmed entirely at two different Disney theme parks, completely unauthorized. Disney World and Disneyland are notorious for their tight security, and don’t allow professional filming anywhere on the premises.

It took Moore and his team of actors three years to finish the project, which they managed to do without getting caught. All sorts of trickery had to be employed to avoid suspicion, such as not keeping physical copies of the script, and communicating stage directions entirely by phone.

The film itself is a surreal tale of a father’s last day at his family vacation, encountering strange visions along the way.

Whether or not Escape from Tomorrow can ever be commercially released remains to be seen, but it was screened at Sundance.