EPIC Breakfast by PeteInABox is Full of Magical Stop-Motion

By: Andrew Robertson - Published: • References: youtube and uniquedaily
If you've ever been told that "your breakfast isn't going to make itself," then you will appreciate this short stop-motion video EPIC Breakfast by PeteInABox. Stop-motion animation has a wonderful tendency to turn inanimate objects into vibrant entities with a life of their own.

This video acts as both a charming short and miniature recipe guide for a delicious breakfast, only you'll have to do the work yourself rather than idly sit back and witness your meal arrange itself. The star of this film is the editing and the amount of time that it takes to create something this amusing despite its short length.

Through the art of stop-motion, bacon slices can play pong with an egg, fingers can magically slice through bread and breakfast prepares itself -- utterly delightful.