The Singer S10 Studio Embroidery Sewing Machine Enables Customization

By: Michael Hemsworth - Mar 31, 2016
References: amzn & 7gadgets
The market for customized goods is showing little sign of slowing down as evident with the Singer S10 Studio Embroidery Sewing Machine. Intended to allow makers to create, customize and enhance their own products, the machine features an intuitive interface that's easy to utilize and interact with. This allows even novice sewers to partake in exquisitely unique projects that will be done autonomously rather than by hand.

The Singer S10 Studio Embroidery Sewing Machine enables anyone to embroider initials onto shirts or towels, stitch imagery onto fabrics and, of course, operate as a traditional sewing machine.

The machine comes packed with 2,800 ready-to-sew designs as well as 100 designs that can be edited to suit the individual preferences of different sewers.