This Electronic Shisha is Free of Tar, Tobacco, Fire and Fumes

By: Jen Chae - Jun 26, 2013
References: 180smoke
This electronic shisha is smokeless—it is free of tar, tobacco or burning. The eShisha is a recent addition to Toronto-based company 180 Smoke’s line of e-smoking devices. Using similar technology as an electronic cigarette, the eShisha delivers the fun and relaxation of a traditional shisha while cutting health hazards.

The eShisha looks very much like a conventional hookah, except it is topped off with a fruit-shaped ornament. In it is how the whole shisha works—this is where the shisha pen or disposable hookah is inserted and diffused.

Smoking hookah is a cultural and social activity that is often thought to be less harmful than cigarettes, but it can’t be denied that any form of smoke is not good for your health. And with the help of developed technology, health-conscious people can still enjoy hookah with this eShisha that requires no lighter or fume.