This Electric Ice Cream Maker Creates Nostalgic Treats in a Modern Way

By: Michael Hemsworth - Oct 3, 2015
References: awesomestuffhunter & awesomestuffhunter
While this Electric Ice Cream Maker might look like something you find in a museum, it's actually anything but old fashioned as it will create a frozen treat in a matter of just a few simple steps. The Electric Ice Cream Maker works quite simply to mix up ingredients to create a treat that's delicious and custom to your preference. Moreover, while many frozen desserts on the market are full of artificial ingredients and too much added sugar, the Electric Ice Cream Maker will allow you to make a healthy variety of ice cream or gelato should you choose to.

4-quarts in size, the Electric Ice Cream Maker is ideal for whipping up fresh ice cream on a daily basis rather than relying on your grocery store selection.