Dulovalogatas Wine Shows the First Step of Wine Production

By: Jamie Danielle Munro - Jul 30, 2014
References: behance.net & packageinspiration
The packaging for Dulovalogatas Wine is very meta, considering it's made up of minimalist grapes. The icons are meant to represent the first stage of wine packaging: knowing which grapes to use.

The design is placed on a white background, with small yellow grapes found on the front. According to the designer Afrodite Alajbeg from Hungary, "if you feel like, the wrapping paper can be used to play 5 in a row while chatting and drinking some wine," helping to provide some entertainment for company as well as good drink.

The wine actually comes fully wrapped, making it look like a gift. For anyone going to a dinner party, this would be the perfect gift idea for a host, as it offers delicious wine in an appealing package for her to enjoy.