Freshest Donut Pros Analyzes the Purpose of Donut Receipts

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: May 6, 2014 • References: cheezburger and thatsnerdalicious
Have you ever thought, "What's the point in receiving a donut receipt?"—just in case there should ever come a time where you need to dig through all of your financial statements to retrieve this one donut receipt that's appears to be so important.

It's not to say that receipts are unimportant, but it's fare to say that skipping on proving that 3-dollar-calorie-packed-transaction wouldn't come with the worst repercussions in the world.

Freshest Donut Pros seems to agree and even stated it on its own receipt in a paragraph long rant by Mitch Hedberg of why a receipt for a donut is even necessary. That paragraph long disclaimer statement that's usually pressed on every receipt is replaced with a full-blown self-analysis—very entertaining.