'Don't Kick It' with Lionel Messi Depicts the Star's Hesitation

By: Matt Ho - Published: • References: youtube and overhours
Adidas Originals and Foot Locker Europe has teamed up together for a hilarious new campaign with the hilarious 'Don't Kick It' with Lionel Messi commercial.

In 'Don't Kick It' with Lionel Messi, the famed Argentinian footballer is acting a little strange -- in fact, perhaps even a bit snobby. Throughout the clip, the star is walking through the streets and is approached by several fans. Each one of them kicks a soccer ball expecting him to catch it to do a few tricks. Unfortunately for them, he deliberately avoids every single pass. So what's going on here? Why is Messi avoiding all the balls? It turns out he's got a pretty good reason for it. Check out the video and figure out why he refuses to kick the ball.