This App Encourages Users to Dine with Strangers

By: Katherine Pendrill - Oct 8, 2015
References: & betalist
'NEVR' is a new app that encourages users to dine with strangers in order to meet people outside of their professional circle. For busy professionals, it can be difficult to establish useful connections with those outside of their immediate circle. This app provides a way to meet new people by sharing a meal together.

NEVR is similar to other networking apps in that it provides an easy way for professionals to connect with new people. What sets NEVR apart from other apps is that it facilitates meetings over food. Users are encouraged to dine with strangers in order to establish meaningful connections. The idea is that meeting for a meal provides a casual environment for users to get to know someone outside of their professional circle.

While the idea of meeting a stranger for lunch may sound intimidating, the platform provides a unique way to network with other professionals.