The ‘Is It Time to Delete Your Facebook Profile' Flowchart

By: Marie C. Hudson - Aug 16, 2011
The importance of social networking in building relationships and career success has risen greatly in the last years, but the ‘Is It Time to Delete Your Facebook Profile’ flowchart asks if you’re using the web for the right reasons. The tongue-in-cheek chart helps readers decide which social networking platform is best for them, based on how and why they use the sites. Facebook, Myspace and Friendster all get shout-outs in the chart, created by, and a quick outline of what material is suitable for each networking tool is given throughout.

I know I’m not alone in saying that I think this lighthearted ‘Is It Time to Delete Your Facebook Profile’ flowchart would be useful to those who clutter the Facebook feed with a hundred cat videos a day, or those awkward too-much-information status updates. Check out the chart for a laugh, and maybe a few social networking tips too.