Connor Cupcake's Dating Profile Has Been Created by Lee Breslouer

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Apr 30, 2014 • References: thrillist and buzzfeed
The dating profile of Lee Breslouer—31-year old food and drink writer based out of Colorado—has been testing out his latest theory. Heterosexual women like men, they like cupcakes, and they're also on Tinder. So where exactly does that leave us?

Armed with three pieces of knowledge, Breslouer set out to create a dating profile with the persona of a cupcake—a persona no woman can resist. Connor Cupcake is a cupcake on Tinder that consists of vanilla frosting and the picture of a man's face formed with chocolate syrup.

Connor is 24 and describes himself as "Yep. I'm a cupcake. I'm not shy." He even has Facebook profile so women can get a sense of their potential date and even captured him partying with empty beer bottles scattered about—just your standard bro.