Custom Fingerprint Cutouts by Lori Danelle are a Unique Gift

By: Vittoria Natarelli - Jul 29, 2010   Updated: Jun 7 2011
References: etsy & designspongeonline
These Custom Fingerprint Cutouts by Lori Danelle provide a gift that is truly unique. Danelle cuts out pieces of paper to recreate your fingerprint, which is quite amazing considering our fingerprint is an individual, intricate pattern.

The Custom Fingerprint Cutouts by Lori Danelle are all created specifically for the customer. Your fingerprint cutout will be of your fingerprint -- now that is personalized interior decor!

Implications - With the marketplace brimming with common products, consumers find it difficult to find products that are unique. Personalized or customizable products allow consumers to tailor their product to their own liking, rendering it one-of-a-kind and self-expressing. Industries who strive to appeal to a wider demographic should consider manufacturing gifts or products that can be tailored to the individual.