From Punk Monkeys to Washing Machine Stomachs

By: lourdes sanchez bayas - Oct 28, 2008
References: darkroastedblend
These are some of the most creative, imaginative and visually-pleasing print ads I have ever seen. The ads come from different sources.

The first three ads in the gallery use monkeys and gorillas to mock and ridicule youth fashion. There is a hardcore punk monkey, complete with facial piercings and bright yellow dyed hair. Next to it, a dreadlocked stoner monkey appears, joint in hand. There is also an emo monkey and a thug monkey.

The third picture shows a skinhead neo Nazi with a swastika gold chain, further accessorized by a swastika ring. The skinhead is right next to a monkeyed drawing of Che Guevara.

The fourth image of a woman dragging her travel bag and leaving a trail of blood, is for the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), and asks that people do not buy souvenirs made out of exotic animals. Next, there is a robot destroying a Honda Accord for some reason.

Following that ad, we can see a stress call center with an apparently overworked staff wearing smiling masks over their mouths. And if that image was not enough, there is a caricature of a bug trying hard to mess up the call center’s computers.

The seventh image in the gallery is of a somewhat creepy Bio-HiFi head set made out of human parts from Evolve. 

The next photo shows a sort of a Matryoshkas doll and is perhaps my favorite. A Matryoshkas, which is also called a stacking doll, is a set of dolls of decreasing sizes placed one inside the other. This is a print ad for Play Station 3.

The next to last image is a product for upset stomachs called Enzym Lefax which shows a churning washing machine where the woman’s stomach should be.

Finally, there is a creepy ad from the soap brand LifeBuoy telling us to wash our hands before touching food, otherwise that muffin we are about to eat will sprout hands, feet and a little face.