Blurring the line between candy and art, Etsy shop owner Andie's Specialty Sweets showcase delicately and artfully crafted candy mushrooms. These mushroom lookalikes are made of chocolate stems and chocolate-filled Shitake mushroom caps using only pure and high-quality ingredients.

These sweet treats are fascinating because they are made with special attention to details; each candy is finished with pleated gills and realistically fleshy caps. It's hard to believe that these figurine-like mushrooms are 100 percent edible.

The coloring is realistic too. Unlike other candies that are highly and brightly pigmented, Andie's Specialty Sweets uses subtle and natural-looking food coloring. This particular collection of 42 wild mushrooms includes shades of pastel purple, honey yellow and blushing coral pink. The unusual fungus-resembling aesthetics of these candies make them truly a delicacy.