The Enoc Cosmetics Packaging is Simple and Effective

By: Michael Hemsworth - Sep 4, 2016
References: & packageinspiration
Designed by Andreu Gallart, the Enoc Cosmetics packaging and branding identity focuses on simplicity in order to slim down on the confusion that can arise for a new brand.

The various products are placed on small pedestals adjacent to geodes for the marketing photography as a way to offset the simple packaging and add visual texture. This helps to correlate the rare and natural nature of the products in order to incite intrigue with a would-be customer.

Each of the Enoc Cosmetics packaging examples features a simple front with a series of explanations down the side to satisfy those looking for further information. Otherwise, the product lineup looks to satisfy a demand for products that are simple to start using and don't confuse with too much information right off the bat.