Facebook Messenger's 'Conversation Topics' Offers Relevant Topics

By: Joey Haar - Oct 18, 2016
References: techcrunch
The newest feature for the immensely popular Facebook Messenger app is called Conversation Topics, and it does what the name suggests by giving users ideas for what to talk about with friends. Far from just pitching random conversation starters, though, the Messenger feature uses the data it collects from Facebook users to give topical information that will be more likely to get people chatting.

Facebook logs all sorts of information about its users through their basic interactions with the site. For instance, many people display what events their attending or where they've traveled on Facebook. Messenger thus uses that info to prompt conversations. When opening a new message to a friend, Conversation Topics will list a tidbit about what that person has done recently, from travel to an event and even something as minor as a song they've listened to.