The Organic London Skyscraper is a Concept Design Made with Trash

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jul 9, 2014 • References: chartier-corbasson.tumblr and gizmag
Green structures and building concept designs are a growing trend, where vertical gardens like the Clearpoint Residencies apartment block in Sri Lanka are popping up in more places than you think.

Now, Chartier-Corbasson has designed a concept for a skyscraper that would be built from the recycled waste of its occupants. The Organic London Skyscraper concept seeks to show how the financial outlay required to build a skyscraper could be moderated. The idea proposes that the paper and plastic waste created by the existing residents or tenants of the building could be recycled and used to create panels for its continued construction.

The building would grow using the waste of its residents and Chartier-Corbasson suggests that enough materials could be produced within a year to create the building's fa├žade.