Coffee Car Cappucino

By: Joseph Marilla - Published: • References: dailymail
What if I told you science had created a new way to fuel your automobiles, and what is even more awesome is that the fuel source is coffee! (roasted coffee granules, to be more precise.) Today my friends, is that day. Unfortunately, it’s obnoxiously more expensive.

A team from BBC1 wanted to show how automobiles could be powered by sources other than petrol and diesel fuels at the local UK science fair known as the “Big Bang science fair”.

The aptly named “Car-puccino”
will be driven 210 miles between Manchester and London, and will have to stop approximately every 60 miles to clean out the coffee filters to rid them of soot and tar.
At 3 kilos of coffee per mile, it’s quite the pricey ride.

Although this nifty invention isn’t saving anybody’s wallet, we can only hope the smell of the gas it emits is bold and robust and rich in flavor.