Coffee Flour is Going to Make a Huge Impact On the World

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Apr 10, 2014 • References: coffeeflour and mashable
A few years ago, Dan Belliveau stumbled across a new idea for a product called Coffee Flour. During his operation as a director of technical services for Starbucks, he had learned about coffee production while designing and building roasting facilities.

After realizing the process produced a lot of waste, he decided to take on a new project that would allow him to utilize this waste. The dried, roasted coffee beans are used to make our daily java, which actually come from seeds from bright red fruit called coffee cherries.

Once the farmer removes the beans, they are left with a huge amount of edible, nutrition-rich cherry pulp that in some countries is dried and used to make tea and everywhere else, it's left to rot. Belliveau is taking on this "waste" and repurposing it into baking flour.