Conventional Wisdom Analyzes Clown Costumes and Clowning

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Apr 8, 2014 • References: arthurdrooker and coolhunting
Despite their somewhat eerie appearance, there's a lot more to clown costumes than plastered makeup and oversized shoes. Becoming a clown comes with a deep understanding of comedy, coupled with zany performance abilities and an acceptance of the role as a historic one.

The roots of clowning date back centuries, performing as the spokesperson for known brands and much-loved television presenters while some are even feared. Photographer Arthur Drooker delves into the world of clowning with surprising depth and honesty.

His set is photo-shoot is situated at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Northbrook, Illinois where he captures the best and most spirited clowns as part of a project he calls 'Conventional Wisdom.' Previous shoots explore the world of fetishes and Abraham Lincoln, while this one is particularly about clowns.