These Fruit Ciders Were Designed to Celebrate the Bee

By: Mishal Omar - Nov 16, 2016
References: lewisemorgan & packagingoftheworld
This collection of fruit ciders does more than just act as flavorful drinks, they also seek to promote the safety of the bumblebee population around the world.

Designed by Lewis Morgan in Torquay, England, the fruit ciders aim to address the issue of the decline of the bee population that has occurred in recent years. This is largely due to human activity that has enormous environmental impacts and the resulting consequence in the form of the extinction of bees would be dire. The ciders are appropriately named 'Bumble' and feature minimalist labeling and images of bees on them. They come in three different flavors – mango and passion fruit, strawberry and lime and a ruderal flavor.

These hand-pressed ciders are appealing in their design, flavorful and work to promote a good cause.