The Chini Project by Irina Werning is Doggone Adorable

By: Jordan M - Mar 31, 2011
References: irinawerning & mediadump
The Chini Project by Irina Werning is a hilarious heartwarming photo collection that takes a Chinese Crested dog and dresses it up in a wide variety of professions and locations.

The Chini Project by Irina Werning is ultimately a whimsical and playful photo collection, but it is nevertheless completely amusing to see a dog full of so much personality taking on so many different roles. From a prison inmate to a hipster DJ and a sage wizard, each picture sends the Chinese Crested dog star (who is so ugly that she's adorable) into a completely new realm complete with a small set and a costume.

According to Irina Werning herself, the Chini Project is a lighthearted look into the "heart of human comedy." Without a doubt that is definitely a fitting description.