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With the ‘chupacabra’ back in the news, fantasy creatures like cryptids and chimaeras are high on people’s radars. The creative submissions over at worth1000 this week included contributions for a contest titled ‘Chimaera 10’ which asked photoshop pros to combine three creatures in one!

Seen in the gallery are photoshopped chimaera pictures of a Monkowlephat; a Doberman, hawk and rhino crossbreed; a Spring Chimaera (fish, frog, elephant); an octopus-tentacled chameleon bird; a Tapengogish (tapir, penguin, dog, dish); a Tarentola chimaera (I’m guessing a hawk, lizard and Pegasus?); an Elecowgir (elephant, cow, giraffe); Arminguanorinokerus (armadillo, iguana, rhinoceros); a lion, meerkat, lobster and elephant chimaera; and a Hog-Bat-Toad.

So remember, when you’re bored of real-life animals, there’s always chimaera!