The ManHands Cash Scented Soap Allows Gents to Smell Like a Wad of Fifties

By: Michael Hemsworth - Oct 30, 2015
References: fancy & fancy
Perhaps you're looking to smell like you've just been holding a stack of hundreds; the ManHands Cash Scented Soap can help you do that by making your hands smell like currency. Designed and manufactured for men who are looking for a deviation from the traditionally floral scents associated with soap, the ManHands Cash Scented Soap is crafted to smell a little bit like paper, a little bit dirty and a whole lot manly.

Handmade in Lincoln, Nebraska, ManHands Cash Scented Soap might smell a touch odd, but it is designed to be a tough cleanser capable of scrubbing grime off your mitts with ease. Featuring a color that's inherently similar to the cash it smells like, ManHands Cash Scented Soap is a product designed for the macho man in your life.