These Classes Give the 'Tree' Pose a Whole New Meaning

By: Rebecca Krauss - Feb 12, 2015
References: deedussault
Cannabis enhanced yoga classes offer participants an unconventional approach to decreasing their unwanted feelings of everyday stress. Popping up in metropolitan cities including San Francisco, Toronto and Vancouver, this quirky style of yoga practice begins each session with a collaborative group smoking session.

Despite its illegal nature, the hybridization of these two relaxation techniques is actually quite beneficial.

"[Marijuana-induced] yoga is a more relaxation-focused yoga, with permission to modify each posture or instruction, treating the teacher's words more as suggestions or invitations than orders. Allowing participants to tap into deeper parts of themselves and truly ask their own bodies how they can connect to and feel good in them," explains Dee Dussault, founder of the Ganja Yoga programs in both San Francisco and Vancouver.

While smoking in this unusual exercise class is indeed permitted, don’t show up empty handed. Those wishing to participate are required to bring their own goodies.