This Festive Cotton Candy Drink is Non-Alcoholic for Everyone to Enjoy

By: Michael Hemsworth - Dec 9, 2015
References: star-telegram
Mixology and specialized bartending has brought with it a variety of different rituals for those who consume alcohol, but those who don't have been left out of the equation; the Festive Cotton Candy Drink is a response to that with a recipe style that's as color as the taste it creates.

Taking cotton candy and literally infusing it into the mocktail, the Festive Cotton Candy Drink is created with Perrier as the main liquid ingredient that blends with the fluffy confection. The glass is rimmed using a combination of marshmallow fluff and crushed candy canes (the fruity ones, not minty) before being served.

Being that the Festive Cotton Candy Drink is mostly sparkling water-based, it's suitable for designated drivers and for younger party goers to enjoy.