South Korea Believes Nanorobots are the Next Cancer Treatment

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: Jan 7, 2014 • References:
Who would've thought robots could be a plausible cancer treatment? South Korean scientists have discovered a way to detect cancer cells via a nanorobot. They've genetically modified non-toxic Salmonella bacteria that are delivered directly to cancer tumors in microscopic capsules filled with drugs.

Once the bacteria arrive, the capsules release the drugs attacking the tumors while saving healthy cells. This groundbreaking research may end the fight against cancer after all; the bacteria robot can detect solid cancers where tumors form, but soon it will be able to detect other cancers as well.

It may even perhaps subside the harsh effects of traditional cancer treatments like nausea, hair loss and anemia. This nanorobot is believed to have very high efficiency in differentiating infected cells from healthy ones.