By: irenesco - Published: • References: bluelounge and mobileblog.it
All of our modern toys, from laptops to cell phones and iPods carry with them meters and meters of cords, and which gadget owner has never suffered the frustration of a "knot" experience?

Cord tangles are awful, of course, but they are above all anti-aesthetic, making our highly stylish workstation messy and untidy. And here it comes, this beautifully designed great invention: the Cableyoyo.
It's a small gadget around which you keep your cords, hiding them in a beautiful package.

Cableyoyo has a stylish minimal design, is small and light, perfect for purses and pockets, and comes in three color variants, black, white or aluminum. Moreover, it can be also fixed to a surface e.g. behind the screen of an iMac, which in the ads is typically free of any cord-like constraints, but on your desk it's another story.