Swiss Company Makes Knives Shaped Like the Alps

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Jan 13, 2013
References: & foodiggity
A Swiss-based company has decided to turn something mundane and useful into art, with its line of bread knives shaped like the Swiss Alps. Fortunately, they're not just for display. The knives themselves are still fully functional, and there's even a video on the site of them cutting bread.

The twist is that the serrated edges of the bread knives are specially shaped to match the layout of some of the more well-known sections of the Swiss Alps, including the Berner Alps Panorama, the Lake of Constance Panorama and a Zurich Panorama, with photographs on the website to prove their accuracy.

So, if you're a master chef with some money to spare, and a fondness for Sweden or mountain ranges, then this eccentric culinary tool is undoubtedly made for you.