The Cap Zappa Opens Your Bottles Then Launches the Caps

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Jan 28, 2013
References: spinninghat & laughingsquid
For the grown-up kid in all of us, there's now a bottle opener that doubles as a bottle cap launcher. Dubbed the Cap Zappa, it provides a way to open your drinks and make mischief at the same time. It's able to take the cap it just popped, then launch it up to 16 feet. It's even got a key chain clip on the end, so you can keep it out of sight until just the right moment.

There's the potential for fun here, combining the appeal of drinks with friends with the fun of a full-scale Nerf gun war. But of course, no one can be held responsible for the inevitable bottle cap launcher misfiring that could occur after a few drinks too many.