The “Bloon” May Take You to Space in a Couple Years

By: Omar Yusuf - Published: • References: inbloon and gizmodo
As early as five years from now, you may be on your way to the outer atmosphere via the “Bloon” -- a space tourism project by Spanish aerospace firm zero2infinity.

Unlike the SpaceShipTwo, the Virigin Galactic spaceship currently undergoing test flights, the Bloon’s intuitive design implies a lower cost, a longer voyage and a closer launch date. Zero2infinity’s dirigible will take passengers into the atmosphere for nearly 2 hours and, although you won’t experience zero-gravity, you’ll enjoy a startling view of our home planet. In terms of a price, whereas a ticket with Virgin Galactic could set you back a quarter of a million, the Bloon will cost a $156,000 per seat. Hardly affordable, but modest in the space tourism industry.

As space tourism becomes a more lucrative endeavor, we’ll continue to see more players enter the market. For now, costs are still prohibitively high. One can still dream, though!