A Rare Glimpse Into Making of Cult Film

By: Anthony Edward Geremia - Dec 20, 2012
References: ridleyville & io9
Ridley Scott's 1982 cult Sci-Fi classic Blade Runner has been lauded for, among other things, its detailed, gorgeous visuals. Now, thanks to the webmaster of fan site Ridleyville, we're being given a look into the making of those visuals, with a collection of storyboards, complete with production notes.

It's yet another interesting look into a famously troubled film production, sure to give fans of the film, and film making in general something to think about.

These storyboards depict, sometimes very roughly, the making of some of the film's more memorable sequences. Included are flybys of the dystopian city the film is set in, concepts for the Tyrell Corporation's giant pyramid, and an early, hand-drawn version of the flying police cars, as well as direction for some of the action sequences.