Americans Try a McDonald's Big Mac and Fries for the First Time

By: Emilie Picillo - Published: May 7, 2014 • References: youtube and buzzfeed
Watching Americans try a Big Mac and McDonald's fries for the first time is pretty entertaining. BuzzFeed introduces three Americans who have yet to try McDonald's in their lifetime; one man who was never really presented with the opportunity and two ladies who never had McDonald's due to dietary restrictions, and again, the lack of occasions while growing up.

'Americans Trying McDonald's For the First Time' basically takes the McDonald's virginity away from these three adults, even though some of them may never eat it again.

The reactions range from confusion, to guilt, to finger-licking bliss, one labeling the Big Mac as more of a 'Dessert Hamburger,' than a lunch entree. All three agree that the fries are delicious and stand up to the hype, but whether or not they'll go for seconds is debatable.