'Beau Cacao' Offers Chocolates With Unique Patterns

By: Mishal Omar - Jan 30, 2017
References: beaucacao & designtaxi
Beau Cacao is a chocolate brand from Portland, Oregon that has its uniquely shaped chocolates designed by Adam Gill.

The end result of Adam Gill's creation is one that is drastically different from the chocolate bars that can be found on the market. Rather than offering chocolates with traditional square pieces that can be snapped off, Beau Cacao instead offers unique, geometric shapes in its chocolate bars. These shapes are almost 3D in their design and make for a highly creative visual branding identity for the chocolate company. Despite the creative geometric shapes on the bars, they are still designed in such a way that they can easily be broken apart during consumption.

Beau Cacao completely changed the way in which chocolate bars tend to be designed, putting the company at the forefront of creativity in branding.