Guys, listen up, the Balenciaga Men's Fall 2011 sneakers have arrived and they have instantly solidified their status as the 'It' men's shoes of the season. The red pair in particular are surely going to be spotted on many of Hollywood's leading men. Rapper Pusha T was already seen in them and it won't be long before Kanye West appears on the red carpet in a pair of the Balenciaga Men's Fall 2011 sneakers. The stunning, attention-grabbing sneakers retail for $545 USD.

The collection also features a solid-black pair of runners, some printed pairs and a neutral beige and white pair for those of you who prefer to look down and see a pair of crisp, white sneakers.

The Balenciaga Men's Fall 2011 sneakers collection is a must-see for guys who are looking to step up their fashion game this season.